Lasko Tower FanA Lasko tower fan is best if you are restricted with space, and just have a tall and narrow space to place your fan. These fans have excellent features that make it pleasing to the eye. Moreover, it works much better than its competitors. Air is circulated well in the fan to emit fresh air without any loud noises.

These fans are used in schools, offices, living rooms and other rooms at homes as it is considered to be the quietest fans that emits much more air than any other fan. The fan can be easily plugged into an electricity outlet using its adaptor and carried as and where required. These fans require only a square foot of floor space while its ground level emits the coolest air.

While its round cage type of blades are very quiet at low speed, it emits lots of air even at the lowest speeds. The fan comes with a remote control and ionizer preference that you can set as per your preferences. While these fans give a strong and cool breeze, it does not give any annoying engine sounds or fan motor sounds. Moreover, a Lasko tower fan cools an office, bedroom or living room much faster than any other fan in the market and is user friendly and safe even for children to use.

Different models of tower fans from Lasko

The benefit of buying Lasko tower fans is its slim and vertical design that ensures it is less likely to tip over than heavy pedestal fans. Moreover, its small grates ensure it is safe for use even when children and pets are around.

1. One of the many models of tower fans from Lasko is the Lasko 2517 Wind Tower Fan that has various features like a seven hour timer, a multifunctional remote control, three fan speeds and a wide-angle oscillation. The fan comes with a one-year limited warranty and is quoted to produce a strong breeze by most of its owners.

2. Another model is the Lasko 48″ Air Tower Fan that is 4 feet tall to provide a wider range of air circulation. The fan offers a fresh air ionizer option, a timer that helps save energy, a multi-functional remote control for its easy operation, three speeds, an easy to grip handle and widespread oscillation to cool the entire room.

3. The third model is the Lasko Wind Curve 13″ Oscillating Tower fan which is a portable stand-alone fan with a fresh air ionizer. Its 42″ height provides for excellent air circulation while the fan has slip-resistant feet. Its electric timer can be set for anywhere between half an hour to 7 1/2 hour use while you have 3 speed settings to regulate the cooling of the fan. Its oscillation ensures cool air reaches all parts of the room while its color and wood-grain accents matches the fan with various indoor styles.

4. The Lasko 36″ Oscillating Tower Fan is another tower fan from Lasko that oscillates, and can be adjusted with an electronic touch control to keep you comfortable. It’s electronic touch control is located at the top of the unit or with the remote control that’s stored in the fan’s back when not in use. The fan’s easy-to-carry handle makes it easy for you to carry the fan from one room to another.

Now you know the many features associated with a Lasko tower fan, there shouldn’t be anything keeping you from getting one for your office or bedroom to beat the heat.